As a concerned citizen of our country, I notice certain issues that our society faces. One of these issues that we face is the proposed RH Bill in Congress which has many good intentions but proposes wrong solutions in its provisions. There are serious consequences that are in store for all of us should this bill be made into a law, and one of the major stakeholders to suffer is the youth. The youth is the hope for the nation, and if the values of these children are twisted or are not given importance, they will grow up in a very scary and selfish environment. The RH bill promotes a culture of death, and is a big threat to the youth because of its erroneous view on human sexuality and freedom. Some of the things in the bill that I am against include the promotion of contraceptives

PROMOTION OF CONTRACEPTIVES. Promoting contraceptives will lead the youth to have a contraceptive mentality. The youth is in danger of believing that contraceptives are safe, when there are more than 60 documented side-effects of contraceptives. The youth is in danger of thinking that contraceptives will protect us from different STDs, when the only real solution is chastity and self-control. The youth is in danger of thinking that they have no control over their sexual urges, when in fact humans are so well designed that we are creatures that can rationalize and control these urges. If we look at ourselves, we were designed in such a perfect way that the head is placed above the heart, and the heart above the reproductive organ. In the same manner, we have the power to master our bodies, to control whatever urges we have. The youth is in danger of accepting the idea that it is responsible to use contraceptives, when it is clear that by using it, we go against the real design of sex which is for intimacy of the couple and openness to life. The youth is in danger of thinking that pregnancy should be avoided, when pregnancy is natural for a woman. If one has this way of thinking, and a life is formed due to contraceptive failure, then it will surely lead the couple to consider abortion. Finally, the youth is in great danger of not being able to recognize love from lust. Contraceptives degrade the dignity of a person, making that person mere objects of pleasure and making sex selfish rather than self-giving.  Contraceptives will make men predators rather than protectors of women, and make women objects rather than people.

The solution to the country’s problem is proper allocation of funds and the strengthening of the values we have. We are a nation that is pro-life, pro-family, and pro-God. We must be strong in these values at all cost. Every law made should be for the common good. As a youth and as a concerned citizen who loves our country dearly, I know that the RH bill will only make our country’s problems worse. Let us not sacrifice morality for money. Let us instead work on reviving the Filipino values, protecting the family and valuing life, and I believe that we are on a continuous uphill climb to progress in our beloved country.

This post was written by John Juat.

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  1. yes it’s true…we must not pro to RH bill.We must follow the law of God who created us not to follow the laws of man who convince us to go to hill.

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