RH Bill Advocates are ANTI-LIFE

Pro-life UP Diliman Students

The image above was posted in Tumblr to honor the brave pro-life students of UP Diliman, who staged the July 1 Silent Protest Against the RH Bill. The photo was posted together with the article written below:

Anti-life (pro-RH Bill) groups mounted a rally within the UP Diliman campus to show that the University of the Philippines is for the RH Bill.

To expose the falsity of the anti-life groups claim, pro-life students mounted their own demonstration and faced the the anti-life crowd in front of the Palma Hall.

Such brave young people. They faced the enemy even if they will be insulted, jeered or even be assaulted physically by the anti-life crowd.

May God bless the UP Pro-life students for their brave deed for the sake of the TRUTH and LIFE.

Of course, the photo and the article got different reactions and the most interesting reactions came from the supporters of the Reproductive Health Bill, who reacted on the word “ANTI-LIFE.” It is understandable why they reacted that way but it is time to call a spade a spade and reveal what the Anti-life Movement really is. Let the RH Bill advocates say what they wanted to say but they can’t erase the fact that their support for the RH Bill is equal to standing against LIFE and the DIGNITY of human beings.

Yes, RH Bill advocates are anti-life and here are some reasons:

1. RH Bill advocates promote contraception, which literally means “against conception” or “against the forming of new LIFE inside the mother’s womb.” The word contraception summarizes the mindset of RH Bill advocates. They hate or afraid of the conception of new human beings. For tem, babies are burden and not a blessing. This mindset runs contrary to the Filipino culture that welcomes every child as a blessing. Because of their contraceptive mentality, RH Bill advocates find ways to prevent pregnancy and in the worst case terminate pregnancy through abortion, just like what is happening in the USA. People who treats babies as burden are not open to LIFE, hence they are anti-life.

2. RH Bill advocates, in their desire to prevent pregnancy subscribe to false claims that the RH Bill is beneficial to Filipinas. They espouse lies that the RH Bill advances women’s rights. This is a LIE of the highest order because they conveniently ignore medical facts that contraceptive pills and IUD or deadly to women. Why do they ignore the fact that contraceptive pills have contraindications? Why do they ignore the facts that contraceptive pills have deadly side-effects like breast cancer? Why do they ignore the facts that IUD destroys the womb? The RH Bill advocates are guilty of violence against women by continually spreading the deadly lies about artificial family planning tools. These people are not only anti-life but anti-women as well.

3. IUD and contraceptive pills are abortifacient and this fact are conveniently ignored by the RH Bill advocates. However, this is not surprising because they are not open to LIFE in the first place. They hate pregnancy and don’t want to be burdened by babies. That is why they let themselves believe in lies that these contraceptive tools don’t induce abortion. They must be reminded, however, that abortion is murder. RH Bill advocates has bloods on their hands because they support the murder of newly formed human beings by supporting contraception.

4. People behind the RH Bill despise the poor. An example would be former President Fidel V Ramos who considered the poor as people with “no quality.” I even encountered one RH Bill supporter who argued that the poor are parasites and the RH Bill is the best tool to reduce them. Supporting the RH Bill is like supporting the discrimination against poor Filipinos. RH Bill advocates want to control the population of poor Filipinos by contraception and sterilization, instead of improving the lives of the poor by removing corruption in the government and developing the local industries. Why do these advocates hate the poor? Why can’t they treat them as their equals? Why make them undergo drastic population control programs?

The four points that I raised are just few of the many reasons why the RH Bill advocates are ANTI-LIFE. Supporters of the RH Bill should not get angry if they are called as “anti-lifers” because they earned that name.

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One comment on “RH Bill Advocates are ANTI-LIFE
  1. joven says:

    for being an ANTI-LIFE,I could say that they are also an atheist.
    because there mindsets are ALL against the word of God.

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