What Majority, Part 2?

They say it ain’t over ’til it’s over. We might as well have some fun with this.

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10 comments on “What Majority, Part 2?
  1. Mark Merla says:

    again…txt polls and even online polls…are not scientific…empirical data should be acquired through PROPER means…every researcher knows that…misleading…

    • Truthsayer says:

      You have fun showing your numbers, we have fun showing ours. Patas lang.

      The question is, why is the Harapan survey still going on? Weren’t they supposed to be done with counting those the night of the debate? So you guys waited to catch up….🙂 Yeah. Wouldn’t want to be showing those numbers to those international funders or some heads might roll.

  2. Mark Merla says:

    and yeah, i hope im not deleted for telling the truth…i hope im kind enough thanks…uuu

  3. Mark Merla says:

    and as of my posting…look at the stat now, tulog lng kmi then…may pasok kc…uuu heres the link…


    Ipasa 58.55%

    Ibasura 41.45%

    as of May 21, 2011 9:29 am

    • Combo Breaker says:

      Haha, and so?

      Let me quote you:

      “again…txt polls and even online polls…are not scientific…empirical data should be acquired through PROPER means…every researcher knows that…misleading…”

      I thought online polls and text polls are unscientific and misleading? Why are you gloating over crap you initially found “misleading”?

      Because you are an idiot.

      With that, I rest my case.

    • Ishmael Ahab says:

      Haha…nice palusot. If you are really passioned for what you are fighting for then hindi kayo matutulog. At isa pa, that is a big event, yung Harapan Event. Don’t tell me tinulugan niyo talaga iyon?

  4. VDB says:

    and i remember facebook being used as an avenue to show how numerous you are.
    poor pro-lifers dont want to lose. so they make their own surveys and say those are the real thing not the previous “real” surveys, so which ones are the real surveys?
    And it is true text votes are very misleading, but trends to do not lie.

    RH bill supporters
    ABS-CBN Harapan: thanks for the update mark.
    GMAtv Grand Debate: its on facebook🙂
    Facebook sites: RH – 30,000 to your 18,000 see https://filipinosforlife.com/2011/04/06/into-the-light-what-majority/
    SWS surveys: RH – winner talked about this so many times
    Online Petitions: 10,891 pro vs 6154

    Pinoysurvey: 1,000 votes? seriously? if it makes you feel any better then. I’ve never even heard of this website until now.
    Philstar: i only saw this one after some antis spammed it in twitter. guess the harapan debate polls were “innacurate” so they decided to make a “real” one.

    so far yep RH has more supporters. Face it; you are the minority and welcome to democracy.

    Let me ask your question again: What Majority?😉 good day.

  5. VDB says:

    Indeed God knows majority wants this bill.🙂 again what majority?

    Everytime you lose you play the God card. tsk tsk.

  6. Maddog says:

    The Harapan poll on the RH Bill is over. The SMS votes vastly outnumbered the online votes. The Harapan website, however, tallies only onlien votes. You cannot vote via SMS any longer and it will not be reflected on the website.
    The results were clear: the SMS + online votes were overwhelmingly AGAINST the RH Bill.>/b> The total SMS votes were some three to four times as many as the total online votes.
    The Philippine Star poll also shows the same trend: a clear pro-life victory (14 percentage point lead).
    The Pinoysurvey poll shows an even wider pro-life lead.
    So, tell me about that so-called “majority” in favor of the RH bill again… the one that doesn’t exist.

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