Why Can’t We Just Chill About Pills

Posted with permission from Sunnyday.

There’s been a lot of talk about contraception over the years, and more so lately — oral contraceptives in particular — because of a slip of the tongue perhaps.

Here’ something that puts a comical twist to the resulting scenario among the proponents of a certain legislative measure that, if passed into law, means State-sponsored, State-promoted distribution of the full range of birth control drugs and devices nationwide.

Edcel Lagman Esperanza Cabral
But then after the chuckles and guffaws, one ought to get down to business and do something about the situation because, really, playing with the lives of women — and trying to justify it in some way — is a serious matter.

In case you’re not up to date on this issue, or are feeling like it’s got nothing to do with you, then try thinking of it as depriving yourself of the truth. Now who relishes being deprived? And think about it — being informed is one way of being empowered.

For starters, check this out to gain some perspective on some developments on the issue (and bring yourself up to speed about three quasi-celebrities in the process).

Then know more about what transpired at a press conference which tackled this hot issue. An excerpt from “Cancer risk of oral contraceptives ignored by RH advocates”:

When asked to comment on the continued push for tax-funded promotion and distribution of contraceptives despite Cabral’s recent admission and despite the Pill’s being categorized as class 1 carcinogens by the World Health Organization (WHO), [Rep. Luzviminda] Ilagan remarked, “Well, all that it said is that it increases the risk. So according to doctors, well…say in my case, I was told that I should not use the Pill [due to a condition], or women who smoke should not use the Pill. Then they have other choices. That’s the principle ― that you have a wide range of choices. The RH Bill is not against natural family planning.”

When asked to confirm if she would still continue to promote the bill with the provisions on oral contraceptive promotion intact despite the established health dangers, the congresswoman was evasive.

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