Five Disturbing Realities About Pro-RH Bill Rhetoric

Responding to 5 Disturbing Realities Concerning RH

5. “11 Women Die Daily of Childbirth”

Until now, no pro-RH person has been able to explain exactly how this number was calculated. We know how those numbers were calculated, and it uses a method more appropriately termed “gobbledygook” plus a “multiplier” that is based on more gobbledygook. If you’re going to comment on this, show us the numbers please.

4. “Some mothers do not have the education / intelligence nor time to grasp the complexities of Natural Family Planning Method.”

More gobbledygook. Not only is this untrue, it’s condescending. NFP is very easy to teach and follow, AND even women with irregular periods can use it successfully. Ask Risa Hontiveros why she practiced NFP. Ask Lea Salonga why she practiced NFP. NFP is no harder to learn than it is to learn how to take the pill properly. And, you neither put yourself (if you’re a woman) nor your spouse (if you’re a man) in unnecessary danger by pumping artificial hormones into your/her body. Here’s another factoid: it’s more the intellectuals that scoff at NFP — they actually think it’s too easy and can’t possibly work. NFP instructors have found time and time again that it’s the simple folk that get it right away. Why? Because NFP is so simple it’s almost crazy.

3. “Teens get their sex education nowadays through the internet by watching porn, reading online materials etc.”

If what we’re avoiding is value-less sex education, then why would we let the government take over this very important task that is actually the parents’ job?
Have you actually seen what’s in the sex education manuals? Since it’s basically “do what makes you feel good”, how is that any different from watching porn and reading online materials? The ONLY reason the RH bill would be BETTER than sex education online/porn is if it were RADICALLY DIFFERENT and DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to what’s out there, if it were actually INFUSED with virtue and value, not just “wear a condom and be done with it” or “masturbation/self-satisfaction is normal behavior”. If you’re talking about the biological aspects of sex education, you needn’t worry. People since the time of Adam and Eve have known how to reproduce, sex education notwithstanding.

2. “No matter how hard you scoff at it, teens as early as age 13 and even younger are already having premarital sex regardless of the teachings of the church.”

This falls under the category of “they’re going to do it anyway, might as well legalize it”. If this were the reasoning behind every compulsive behavior out there, murder would be legalized as well. Hey, people are going to do it anyway regardless of the teachings of the church! Don’t sell our youth short. Don’t sell them the lie that they’re simply animals who can’t control their impulses. There was a time self-control was considered a virtue to cultivate. Come on. Our youth are worth more than that, and our youth are capable of so much more than you give them credit for. Who’s the more empowered youth, the one who says, “I can’t control myself” or the one who says, “I’m worth the wait”?

1. There are thousands of mothers (I’ve encountered some of them personally) who have no money to pay for government hospital fees (2,000 php and below, seriously) and yet have a newborn in her arms plus 5 more children at home to feed, clothe and provide education.

So give them what they really need…. food, clothing, shelter, education, and JOBS. What good would contraceptives do if at the end of the day, the head of the household can’t provide food on the table? Add to that additional worries about contraceptive side effects etc and how is that exactly helping the plight of the poor? The only real reason poverty exists is because the government hasn’t done its job. Same thing with prostitution for that matter — it’s a major symptom of corruption. Guess who said that? Benigno Aquino Jr., the current President’s father.

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14 comments on “Five Disturbing Realities About Pro-RH Bill Rhetoric
  1. timothy2011 says:

    The “11” daily maternal death estimate is based on old data. A 2008 figure published in The Lancet reported 84 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births in 2008 (1, 2). Based on this data, the calculation of daily maternal deaths should be around 6 PER DAY. Any maternal death is UNACCEPTABLE but the RH supporters should update their numbers.


    1. Hogan, M. C., Foreman, K. J., Naghavi, M., Ahn, S. Y., Wang, M., Makela, S. M., Lopez, A. D., Lozano, R., & Murray, C. J. L. (2010). Maternal mortality for 181 countries, 1980—2008: A systematic analysis of progress towards Millennium Development Goal 5. Retrieved online at, 12 Apr. 2010. DOI:10.1016/S0140-6736(10)60518-1

    *This study is also available on the WHO website:

    2. See the table on p. 6 of the article.

  2. Truthsayer says:

    Thanks, Timothy.

  3. AMDG says:

    // 5. “11 Women Die Daily of Childbirth”//
    2005 data. agreed slightly outdated

    heres more updated info from 2009

    took me a minute to find that data. now was that difficult?

    //4. “Some mothers do not have the education / intelligence nor time to grasp the complexities of Natural Family Planning Method.”//
    did you know:
    sex is the number one source of entertainment for these familes.
    Sex is free.
    TV is not.
    irregular women render NFP moot.
    Horny/drunken husbands make NFP moot.
    lack of discipline makes NFP moot.
    if it worked so well we would not have poor families with 10 children that they cannot take care of. teach them discipline THEN teach them NFP. It is basic logic.

    //3. “Teens get their sex education nowadays through the internet by watching porn, reading online materials etc.”//
    Anyone can learn sex. go to google type sex. katrina halili, hayden kho. tada! basic information. here, i did it for you 5 porn sites on the first page
    click and you will see its so damn easy.

    //2. “No matter how hard you scoff at it, teens as early as age 13 and even younger are already having premarital sex regardless of the teachings of the church.”//
    It is sad but true. unless you have a better idea, dont waste time ranting about it. I have seen homeless teenagers having sex under the MRT.

    //1. There are thousands of mothers (I’ve encountered some of them personally) ….//

    “But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

    if a poor family chooses to have 10 children that they cannot feed blame themselves. “The superior man blames himself. The inferior man blames others”

    I have seen poor families who have had their kids finish college. their number of children? 2.

    Your site has gotten quiet. not much posters.

    Again I will pray for your enlightentment. You know not what you do.

    Time to get back to life, love and liberty.

    • Truthsayer says:

      UNFPA will produce numbers to suit their ends. Do people know how they did the calculations? Do the calculations make sense? If you can come up with the same numbers UNFPA does, show me the math. Why are you such a UNFPA fan? Just asking.

      //Irregular women render NFP moot.// Not.

      //Horny/drunken husbands make NFP moot. lack of discipline makes NFP moot.//
      Horny/drunken husbands, if I understand you correctly, will force their wives to have sex against the wife’s will. How does the RH bill help women then, since it won’t do anything to eliminate coercive behavior? Even if you supply a woman with pills and a man with condoms, the coercive behavior remains. Since contraceptives have a failure rate as well, you could have a situation where the horny/drunk husband finds out his wife is pregnant again DESPITE their having used contraceptives, and then what do you think happens next?

      //Anyone can learn sex.// Exactly. 🙂 And how is the DepEd’s materials going to be any different from porn and online materials? Will they teach virtuous behavior? How so?

      //But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.// And your interpretation of 1 Timothy 5:8 is “Therefore, use contraceptives?” It seems they don’t teach exegesis very well at ADMU, do they?

      I have seen poor families who have had their kids finish college. Their number of children? 10. The older ones got jobs and helped out the younger ones. But guess what? One family does not a sample make, does it?

  4. timothy2011 says:

    The is not based on 2009 figures. Click on the link on the UNFPA page that says “figures” and you will be brought to 2005 estimates for maternal mortality.

    The latest maternal mortality rate (2008) is here on a WHO site: . In this article, the maternal mortality estimate is 84 deaths per 100,000 live births. If you actually do the math, you will find that the “daily maternal death” figure is a little less than 6 per day. Rh supporters should update their numbers and stop lying to scare people and attack others.

    It took me less than a minute to find the link to the article on the WHO site. Honesty is always the best policy, eh?

  5. timothy2011 says:

    Here’s another fact. From 1960 to 2009, total fertility has decreased from 6.85 to 3.18. Pro-RH logic has it that the magnitude of poor people will decrease as total fertility decreases.

    Has this happened? NO, it has not.

    The magnitude of poor people has increased from about 16 million to a little over 24 million people.

    AMDG, it is you who “know not what you do.” The data is available in the public domain. I suggest you take a look at it and do the math yourself.

  6. AMDG says:

    Wait! is that from the same World Health Organization that your proponents always tries to debunk. and that their studies are made by “doctors”? And now you are relying on the data of the same World Health Organization that you despise? The authors of some of the same articles you refused to read, because it debunked your arguments? The same World Health Organization who endorses artificial family planning as necessary and BC has more benefits that risks. The same World Health Organization that regulates abortion? IT IS!🙂 Why are you such a WHO fan. did you come up with your own numbers? show me please.

    So are you now relying on studies on a UN Organization that has opposite beliefs from your own?

    Did you just try to debunk UNICEF and UNFPA? Again hilarious! both UNFPA, UNICEF and WHO all belong to one organization The UN. funny. I guess they change data to suit their needs.

    If you read the UNFPA (which you didnt) article it says they made improvements for up to 160 deaths to WHOs upper range of 130 deaths /100,000 a minor difference. 84 is the average. if you really want to skew numbers go with the lower range of 54. Thats roughly 5-8 women deaths a day. Good Job! An improvement, but still bad by international standards.

    took me a minute to see that ctrl-f is your friend. now who to believe WHO or you? I’ll go with the internationally accepted organization, thank you.

    I will look forward see you to trying to debunk WHO/UNFPA/UNICEF/UN(badly) yet again.
    Now this is comedy gold. Now who is using the data to suit their needs? Im guessing you.

    There is no point in arguing my point. You will refuse to listen. Refuse to understand. Even if I point out your own sources are against you.I love it when half the time you will end up trying badly to debunk your own citations.

    BTW: How will the deped make sexed more moral? read the bill,its all there which most refuse to anyway. thats why you didnt see it.
    Also: So you saying parents with 10 children they cannot feed are good parents and someone else’s fault why they cant? I understood that passage very well, do you?

    Guess they don’t teach proper research skills nor common sense in your ivory tower now do they?🙂

    Again I will pray for you. For you CLEARLY know not what you do.

    • Truthsayer says:

      //BTW: How will the deped make sexed more moral? read the bill,its all there which most refuse to anyway. thats why you didnt see it.//

      You still don’t get it. If you believe DepEd will teach morality, I have a bridge I can sell you.

  7. AMDG says:

    Wheres my manners? Thank you Timoth2011y for citing WHO. They have quite a number of studies why contraception, Faminly Planning and Reproductive Health would be a benefit for the country to improve maternal and child health, a happier people and a healthier economy. your article pointed out why we need Reproductive Health is needed.

    Here is an article to address those maternal deaths, Please kindly read this it is from the same organization the Timothy2011 endorses

    Again thank you Timothy2011 for your contribution.

    • timothy2011 says:


      How much you assume about what I read and do not read! 🙂 Anyway, you’re free to make those assumptions.

      You clearly missed my point. Let me spell it out for you:

      The use of the 11 maternal deaths number is dishonest and it has been used in an underhanded manner to attack the bishops of the Catholic Church. If those persons accusing the bishops were really interested in collaboration on addressing healthcare issues and alleviating poverty, rather than besmirching them, then they would have used the more accurate figure and would also have done good to point out that the DOH appears to have been doing its job as the maternal death rate has been going down.

      Oh, and thank you for “casting stones,” as you like to point out. Remember, that bible story ended with the admonition, “Go and sin no more.”

    • Truthsayer says:

      LOL, AMDG.

      In simple terms, the WHO/UNFPA/USAID claim ………
      AND YET they’re the same people who provide the data that does NOT support their claim.

      Get it now?

  8. AMDG says:

    If you take a look I agreed the data was no updated. Again thank you for pointing that out.

    You also claim Pro-RH made up those numbers. It was not. fail on your part, in the first place. and thank you for showing more updated numbers.

    updated or not, the numbers are not good. thank you for providing that information Timothy2011. It shows causes of maternal deaths. I also posted the solution attached to that document from the same organization that made it. Much of which will be address in the RH bill. are you saying we should just wait it out for several more years?
    🙂 you just love posting data from organizations that oppose you. thank you for pointing out why we need RH. Maternal death is but one of the many issues covered by the RH bill.🙂

    Get it now😉 off course not. Nonetheless, I am not here to argue with you. There is no point.🙂 closed minds are closed books, nothing but wood.

    Oh casting stones? never did. I am here to provide information and eduction.🙂
    Remember, you casted the first, big ones in fact. Excommunicate the president and all pro-RH? remember?🙂 Are you are not sinners? Very conceited of you. The “sin no more” for those throwing the stones, if you missed that part😉 I am humble enough to admit that.

    Again I will pray for you. You do not know what you do.

    • timothy2011 says:


      The solutions you posted regarding maternal health are already in Section 17 of R.A. 9710 AN ACT PROVIDING FOR THE MAGNA CARTA OF WOMEN. Please do your own reading before you run wild with your imagination regarding what I read and do not read. You say you are not here to argue and yet it is you started arguing. If you cannot recognize the stones you cast, you have no business claiming to “educate” readers. Have someone remove the log in your eye that you do not see.

      The bishops never said they would excommunicate Pnoy. A journalist asked if excommunication is a possible consequence and a bishop answered that it may be a possible consequence. The journalist then spun that answer into the misinformation that you now spew out as “truth.” Again, you have failed to do your research adequately. The only person who has said that he will be excommunicated is PNoy. You use the abbreviation AMDG of the Latin Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, and yet you do not know your Canon Law, you are fond of making false accusations, and taking things out of context. Not only that, you also change your username often. So, what is it? AMDG? VDB?

      You are fond of making false accusations. Additionally, you entirely missed the point that whoever came-up with the “11 Mothers Die Daily” PR campaign acted dishonestly. Furthermore, you are assuming that by providing a more up-to-date and accurate calculation of maternal deaths, that I do not think anything should be done about maternal deaths.

      I never claimed that I am not a sinner. That claim is an idea that you cooked up in your mind and have falsely accused me and others of claiming.

      Why all of these false accusations and assumptions? Better go pray for your own enlightenment.

  9. AMDG says:

    //BTW: How will the deped make sexed more moral? read the bill,its all there which most refuse to anyway. thats why you didnt see it.//

    If you havent read the bill or seen the studies you would think that. Again read the bill It is all there

    For all those who are unsure about it please watch Winnie and the studies on how Sexed reduces unwanted pregnancies, reduced sex partners, STD and all that. Enjoy, please be informed and educated.

    I would like to compare notes with you and your studies on how Sexed increases promiscuity.

    Again, God Bless.

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