Cabral Admits Oral Contraceptive Pills Increase Breast Cancer Risk

It seems like ex-DOH secretary Esperanza Cabral can’t ignore the fact that oral contraceptive pills increases the risk of breast cancer.

In an interview in DZIQ (Philippine Daily Inquirer’s radio station), Esperanza Cabral admitted that “oral contraceptives posed a higher risk of breast cancer.” However, she tried to squirm away from that admission of fact by saying that, “oral contraceptives have bad side effects but there are more good effects.”

Then, the ex-DOH secretary mentioned the “good effects” of taking oral contraceptive pills which include the reduction of the risk of certain cancers; possible prevention of some breast diseases, pelvic inflammatory diseases, ectopic pregnancies; help in regulating blood flow during menstruation, which could prevent anemia; and provide protection against arthritis and osteoporosis.

Wow! That’s great news! Taking oral contraceptive pills has more “good effects” as opposed to one bad effect of having a higher possibility of getting breast cancer.

What a lame defense for oral contraceptive pills and also for the RH Bill, which will allow the government to flood the whole country with this breast cancer causing pill.

Excuses Esperanza Cabral in defense of the oral contraceptive pills and the RH Bill is nothing as compared to the fact that:

Contraceptive pill kills

Yeah! Nakamamatay ang contraceptive pills. Many women who have breast cancer experience hardships in their lives. Some lose their money and properties just to sustain their medication. Some experience emotional strain and their loved ones were affected by what they are going through. Some lost their lives because of breast cancer.

Esperanza Cabral is a doctor and I am sure that she understands how serious breast cancer is. It is not a just simple side-effect. It is a major illness that kills many women around the world. How unprofessional it is for her to shrug off the breast cancer risk of oral contraceptive pills just by saying a list of “good effects.” Yes, a woman taking oral contraceptive pills may get the “good” side-effects but that doesn’t remove the fact that that woman will also get the fatal side-effect.

Oh! By the way, the good side-effects that Cabral mentioned in her interview can also be obtained through other means. Women don’t need to take oral contraceptive pills just to lessen the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancers; prevent a host of diseases; improve blood flow and avoid anemia; and to be protected from arthritis and osteoporosis. Women only need to live a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet and avoid carcinogenic substances to obtain those oral contraceptive pill “good” side-effects. Ask Esperanza Cabral about this and I am sure she will also answer in the affirmative.

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14 comments on “Cabral Admits Oral Contraceptive Pills Increase Breast Cancer Risk
  1. jpl says:

    Nakapaka sensationalist ng presentation ng article na to.. *one* type of pill does increase cancer risk but not all. If you dont want that risk, then simply opt for the other types of contraceptive (or even other types of family planning methods).

    That’s like saying como one type of decolgen causes drowsiness then all types of decolgen must also cause drowsiness.. please get your facts straight!

    In this age, hindi na magwowork yang misinformation campaign nyo, specially when a simple search in google is enough to refute what you are reporting.

    • Haggai de Cena says:

      LOL! Tell that to ex-Secretary Cabral.

      And LOL! This is an editorial. Not a news article. Go read some Randy de Quiros or Rina David editorials in Inquirer and tell me if they are not sensationalist.

      And what kind of pill? Give me an oral contraceptive pill that doesn’t have cancer risk. Educate the people here please.

      And yeah, I agree with you. Since Artificial Family Planning has health risks, people must choose NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING methods.

  2. Rona Catherine says:

    That’s the worst thing about this RH Bill. Tax money will be used then for women to take risk getting cancer. Cancer treatment is not even in the provisions of RH. This is not of WOMEN’s rights nor this has something to do with HEALTH. This is infirmity.

    Reject the RH Bill!!!!

  3. Lorna Melegrito says:

    It pains me that sec. Cabral downplays the seriousness of breast cancer. I am a breast cancer patient and the journey my family went through from the moment I was diagnosed in September was very difficult. Our financial resources has been tremendously depleted from the treatment. I am now on a 5-year medication, hoping that the cancer will not come back. I never used oral contraceptives as a form of birth control, but my doctor prescribed it for a condition called “diffused adenomyosis.” I did not finish the prescribed 6-month therapy because of the side effects. I opted for total hysterectomy. Three years later, breast cancer reared its ugly head. I ask Sec. Cabral to exchange places with me.

  4. Wacky Jabber says:

    The Catholic Church should also protest the continued production of cigarettes and liquor with the same intensity and publicity as they are doing against the RH Bill.

    • Wilberg says:

      Of course it will…if the legislators would propose a State-funded cigarettes just like what they want with contraceptives. Besides, why always the Church? This is a pro-life fight against death, and not the Church against the government.

  5. Mike says:

    Wacky–if there was a bill that would earmark billions of taxpayer pesos to distribute cigarettes and liquor and teach kids how to use them, I’m sure the Church would oppose that, too.

  6. Mike says:

    JPL–ang problema, the government will buy hundreds of millions of pesos worth of these pills. Why will taxpayer money subsidize the distribution of a drug that admittedly causes cancer?

  7. AMDG says:

    Putting words in their mouths. A very poor argument.

    You might want to read the following:

    Don’t like oral contraceptives? Use a condom, simple.

    As a favor to the world, for every fear mongering you do, I will post studies from reliable sources. Spreading fear and ignorance in the name of the Lord is something that any self-respecting Catholic should not tolerate.

    I will pray to God for your enlightment and your forgiveness for the damage your ignorance can cause, for clearly you know not what you do.

    • Haggai De Cena says:

      Keeping the people ignorant, like hiding the fact that contraceptive pills have permanent negative health effects to women, is something that any self-respecting Catholic should not tolerate.

      I will pray to God for your enlightenment AMDG and may He make the truth come out once and for all regarding contraceptive pills.

    • tim says:

      Now who’s casting a stone?

  8. Truthsayer says:

    Putting words in their mouths? Did Cabral say that or didn’t she? “Doesnt’ increase risk of early death”: some people get breast cancer and suffer a long time before dying. Studies from reliable sources — show us. Have you seen this? Praying for YOUR enlightenment as well. You seem to use AMDG freely. What does Scripture say about contraceptives? What does the Catechism say? How does promoting contraceptives give glory to God?

  9. AMDG says:

    oh im sorry that post was for another article. i am man enough to admit my mistakes.

    [Now who’s casting a stone?]
    because declaring eternal damnation for the president and his supporters and bloody civil disobedience if the bill gets passed in the name of GOD is much more civil than calling people here backward-thinking-intolerant-fearmongering-fundamentalists. casting bigger stones and claiming to be pure of heart. sad times.

    AMDG – i’m Atenean. a catholic school that is mostly pro RH

    focusing on the risks and ignoring the benefits is fear mongering –
    Even one of YOUR sources says it best by agreeing with the WHO : ”
    for young non-smoking women, the health benefits of oral contraceptive use (including an reduced risk of endometrial and ovarian cancers) far exceed the health risks”
    also: “the risk is as relative as smoking.”
    These cause cancer and have (benefits): eating red meat(feeds us), mircowaving/grilling food (cooks food), xray(saves lives), smoking (legal/no benefits) can also cause cancer.

    Sstudies on the benefits by reliable sources at your request:
    are they kwaks and liars?

    Even the World Bank. the pro-life Dr Villegas’ primary source of information disagrees with him

    Finally the bill states it promotes informed choice. have these doctors (kwaks to you) lied about the risks? no, they openly admit their is a risk. Have they lied about the benefits? no (unliked some people).
    From the RH bill:
    f. Freedom of informed choice, which is central to the exercise of any right, must be fully guaranteed by the State like the right itself;

    you dont want it. use something else. maybe NFP. if you can stop the urban poor catholic faithful from having sex for fun (goodluck).

    I am here to educate; not spread lies and fear. Again i pray for you enlightenment, for you know not what you do.

  10. besamemucho says:


    Read REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9710.

    This is the Magnacarta for women. We already have provisions exisitng in our law today about women’s health among others so redundant na yung ibang provisions sa RH Bill. but why push for it? because Magnacarta for women doesn’t include the use of condoms and artificial use of birth control.

    So please don’t be naive. We don’t have to look to the U.S. to solve our problems. In the U.S., THE SENATE REPEALED BANS ON SODOMY AND BESTIALITY IN THE MILITARY.
    sodomy: man to man sex bestiality: man to animal sex
    Who in their right mind allows such things??
    Obama and his minions definitely. because these kind of sexual acts will not produce babies.

    And who is pressuring Pnoy to push for the RH? The U.S. and powerhouse organizations that they control or controls them, either or.

    Have you heard of the Jaff Memo?
    In order for us to understand where the RH Bill is coming from, we have to understand the source… What are the goals of the U.S. for pushing this??
    Please read:

    then read:

    this is Jaff memo, is being extended in the Philippines by way of the RH Bill.

    We definitely don’t need this BS about overpopulation here in the Philippines or anywhere else for that matter when clearly, misallocation of resources and corruption is the cause for poverty and women’s death.

    P.S. Oh and good news: contraceptive pills doesn’t only cause cancer, it also makes the fish transgender because of the chemicals coming from the urine of pill users that flow through the sewers and into the sea.

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