A Bacolod Columnist Against the RH Bill

Thank you for Carlos Antonio Palad for sharing this.

For the whole duration of the issue regarding the Reproductive Health Bill, we are focusing ourselves with the salvo of columns coming from Manila-based broadsheets and newspapers. How about the people in the provinces? What is their stand about this RH Bill issue?

I believe that it is time for us to also share the pro-life views of columnists from the provinces.

In Sun Star Bacolod, Carlos Legaspi, Jr. has been airing his views against the Reproductive Health Bill.

Here are three of his columns regarding the RH Bill issue.

The first is RH Bill, EDSA and March? (March 1, 2011).

The second is RH Bill? (March 3, 2011) wherein he talked about the inherent evil of population control programs being forced on developing countries around the world.

The last is The RH Law and the Caravan? (April 7, 2011) wherein he talked about the Caravan for Life held by the dioceses in the island of Negros.

The fight against the RH Bill is alive in the provinces. The Manila-based “mainstream media” conveniently ignore the anti-RH Bill activities being conducted in the various provinces around the country. It is good that there are some columnists from the provinces airing their views and saying that they are against the anti-life, anti-Filipino RH Bill.


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