Into the Light: What Majority?

The “Into the Light” series seeks to bring to the light the lies and half-truths that organizations like Likhaan disseminate in their quest to pass the RH bill without it being fully understood by the Filipino people, not even the lawmakers that support it. Starting with this post, Filipinos for Life will address claims from the pro-RH people to show our readers the TRUTH that they need to know and share with others.

For reference: Ten Good Reasons to Pass the RH Bill Now

Likhaan claims:

Majority have supported RH in endless surveys while congressional and presidential debates have erupted on the issue.

This “majority” that they refer to comes from Pulse Asia’s October 2008 Survey (full text here) and Social Weather Station’s 2008 Survey. Pro-RH folks call this the “clamor” for RH services. However, survey veterans would know that one can construct almost any survey to come up with certain desired results. Manny Amador and Julio Meridio show how the above surveys accomplished this. But even without these thorough analyses, you’ll notice that the SWS questions linked above were framed in such a way that would lead the respondents to give pro-RH answers. Moreover, Pulse Asia’s team of analysts are made up of several pro-RH folks. A sampling: Ana Maria Tabunda, Maria Cynthia Rose Banzon Bautista, Arsenio Balisacan, and Emmanuel de Dios. Pulse Asia bills itself as

an enterprise launched by professional academics with acknowledged expertise in their respective fields of study, dedicated to monitoring salient socio-economic, political and cultural issues in the minds of the Filipino public,

but they are not monitoring the minds of the public as much as they are seeking to mold the public’s mind to image their own.

If you like surveys, at least take a look at the Filipino Family Survey which you may view in its entirety here. This survey was produced by Gallup International affiliate Asia Research Organization and HB&A. It is not without its critics — that’s a given — but it’s still a good idea to see the questions and answers for yourself, and judge which survey may be reflecting what Filipino people really think regarding these issues. More thoughts on this survey from Manny Amador.

At any rate, they say pictures paint a thousand words.

When the pro-RH people say majority, did they maybe mean this?

Or this?

Or maybe they meant these?

Oh wait. Those last three were us. My bad.

ETA: As one reader points out, majority means NADA when we’re talking about right and wrong. We at Filipinos for Life believe in doing the right thing, whether the majority agrees with us or not. And this bill is not the right solution for our country.

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13 comments on “Into the Light: What Majority?
  1. Ian Joseph says:

    Whoa! I Oppose has a 300-like lead! That’s cool….

  2. Maddog says:

    Has anyone noticed that the pro-RH rallies are puny compared to the tens of thousands that attend the pro-life rallies against the RH/abortion bill? That should tell us something.

    In Cebu, the pro-RH types can’t even get a decent crowd together. In contrast, on Feb. 11, some 5000-12,000 people (estimates by Sun Star and Freeman) marched tp Fuente Osmena to rally against the RH bill. A month later, on March 19, some 5,000 people trekked through a light rain in a “Penitential Walk for Life” to the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. Some estimates of the crowd, however, went as high as 20,000.

  3. VDB says:

    It’s called Silent Majority. We dont need to make rallies to prove a point.
    pro-RH bill people react when anit-RH people start lying, interfering and morally blackmailing.
    The pro-RH bill rally? a result of church bullying and meddling tactics. Alabangistan? if they didnt enact that stupid ordinance, proRH wouldnt be making rallies.
    remember edsa 3? yep. more people than edsa 2? yep. more correct? nope. people just complaining the loudest.

    Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain – and most fools do.
    Benjamin Franklin

  4. Maddog says:

    Dream on, VDB. That’s a lame excuse.

    The pro-RH organizers don’t make massive rallies because they CAN’T! If the so-called surveys were true, they should be able to organizew rallies at the drop of a hat. But they can’t now, can they?

    QED. Find a better excuse.

    Your “silent majority” is non-existent. The few pro-RH fanatics have been lied to or are acting out of prejudice. Deal with it.

    Get your history straight, too. “EDSA tres” was tiny compared to EDSA 2.

  5. Maddog says:

    ABS-CBN’s Harapan on the evening of May 8 — which featured a live debate on the RH bill — came up with an unexpected result. People were asked to send in their “votes” via SMS, choosing one of two options: A) Ipasa; or B) Ibasura (either pass the bill or trash it). At the end of the show, the final tally as of 12:40AM, May 9, was:

    Ibasura: 65.38%
    Ipasa: 34.62

    In other words, nearly two-thirds of the voters wanted to junk the bill!

    This was undoubtedly a veritable landslide victory for the pro-life movement in the Philippines.

  6. VDB says:

    Your Harapan/ABS-CBN data is outdated, here let me update you

    Ipasa 63.93%
    Ibasura 36.07%

    Good day🙂

    • Maddog says:

      Your data is INCOMPLETE.
      You were only counting the online votes, which are relatively few. The SMS votes fin May ar outnumber them, by around 3 to 1.
      In any case, your data is still outdated. Here are the latest results (June 20):
      – Ipasa 37.87%
      – Ibasura 62.13%
      So, where’s your majority? Eat crow, boy.

    • Truthsayer says:

      Heee…. that’s okay. I’m happy to eat crow. 🙂

      But the battle ain’t over yet, buddy.

    • Truthsayer says:

      Since you posted those numbers, perhaps you would like to explain how the pro-life page grows the way it has AND at the same time is accompanied by increased member participation? Compare that to the numbers at the I Support page has grown, yes, but their wall is dead. Have they run out of information and arguments? Has everything that has to be said been said? Or is this another case of astroturfing?

      Readers, you must agree, it makes you want to go HMMMMM…….

      Don’t miss Part 2 of this saga. 😀

  7. VDB says:

    hey you still have your rallies.
    friendly reminder: bring lots of water, heat stroke is nasty.

  8. Truthsayer says:

    For the edification of our readers, how about you explain the discrepancy between those figures and what was at the website at the end of the Harapan debate? Educate us please. Thanks.

    Oh, and here’s the latest results for those who like surveys:

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