The Real Violence Against Women

I recently read a shocking information from our beloved Congressman Edcel Lagman, which was written in a certain “news” article from a certain “unbiased” news website. According to Cong. Lagman’s information, the Catholic Church (and in effect all pro-life/anti-RH groups) are guilty of “violence against women” by conducting various anti-RH Bill rallies in the various parts of the Philippines.
Yeah, it is shocking. Shocking to know that standing up for the truth is now being labeled as “violence against women.” I can understand where our beloved congressman is coming from. It is obvious that he felt threatened by the March 25 Prayer Rally conducted by pro-life/anti-RH groups at Quirino Grandstand. He is likewise threatened by the continuous rejection of his HB 4244 by various people all around the country. It is understandable why he is now throwing whatever accusation he can think of against the pro-life groups who are mounting their opposition against the RH Bill.
What is not understandable is his and his anti-life allies continued ignorance of the economic, medical and scientific facts that contradict the provisions of the current Reproductive Health Bill that is being railroaded in Congress. I believe that it is good to remind Cong. Lagman that he is barking at the wrong tree. It is not the pro-life groups that are hiding the truth regarding the RH Bill. It is the supporters and proponents of this bill that are trying hard to hide the dangerous implications of the RH Bill to the health of women, the Philippine economy and the Filipino culture.
Isn’t the proponents of the RH Bill guilty of violence against women because:
1. They hide the fact that majority of the contraceptive pills that the RH Bill promotes are dangerous to woman’s health? Majority of contraceptive pills causes breast cancer and a host of side-effects.

2. They promote intrauterine devices (IUDs) that endangers health of women? It is a fact that IUDs is associated with pelvic inflammatory diseases. There is also a case that IUD migrates, penetrates the colon and causes pain to women with IUD.
3. They want the government to usurp the right of mothers in educating their children regarding delicate matters like sex?
4. They do not respect the power of women to conceive a child and promote a society that makes women hate or fear this power that only them are capable of?
5. They want couples to rely on condoms and other contraceptive devices instead of making husbands understand and respect the body of women through the natural family planning methods?
6. They want to make Filipino women of future generations to imbibe foreign culture of promiscuity, thus making themselves see their bodies as sex objects and fit to be used to please themselves and their partners?
7. They hide the fact that it is Planned Parenthood which is behind the groups that are pushing for the RH Bill? Planned Parenthood is guilty of violence against humanity by killing hundreds of unborn children in the United States. Planned Parenthood makes money out of murdering children and will also make Filipino mothers guilty of murder by making them abort their own flesh and blood.
8. They don’t recognize the fact that life begins at fertilization as declared by the Philippine Medical Association? Contraceptive pills and IUD prevent newly formed human beings from being implanted inside the mother’s womb, which cause their death. With these contraceptive tools, women unknowingly kill their own children.
9. They scatter misinformation like the increased use of artificial contraceptive tools will reduce abortion when in fact Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of Planned Parenthood, says otherwise? It has been proven that increased use of condoms and other contraceptive tools leads to increase of “unwanted pregnancies,” which leads to increase of abortion rates.
It is not the pro-life groups that are guilty of “violence against women.” It is the proponents of the RH Bill who do not want to bring out to the open the fact that the RH Bill has dangerous effects to women. Pro-life groups are demanding the truth for a long time now, yet the anti-life groups keep on resorting to drama and baseless accusations instead of giving the Filipino people the truth.
Hiding the truth regarding the provisions of the RH Bill is the foulest violence that is being done against Filipino women. If the RH Bill becomes a law, Filipino women will suffer not only from grave medical illness caused by artificial contraceptive tools but also the great guilt that will be caused by being part of foulest crime, which is the murder of an innocent and defenseless child inside the womb.

Featured photo by Stefan Pasch under CC BY-NC-SA license
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4 comments on “The Real Violence Against Women
  1. ren says:

    i think you have to understand your article is too raw and naive to be taken seriously. that’s why nobody comes to the comments section here to discuss it.

    i’m just here to point that out.

  2. C'est moi Robyn says:

    An error of thinking: when you seek to confirm rather than test your hypothesis.

    This might interest you:

  3. timothy2011 says:

    Discredit the writer when you have nothing to say to refute the points?

  4. Haggai De Cena says:

    Dear trolls,

    Statement number 1 was verified by your very ally, Esperanza Cabral. Hiding the fact that contraceptive pills cause increased breast cancer risk is violence against women.

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