Did They Say 40,000???

Mainstream media first said 20,000, then 40,000. Someone even saw a reporter say “daan-daan” (hundreds) on TV.

So how about let’s let the pics do the talking:

Photo Credit: CFC-FFL


Photo Credit: JJR


Photo Credit: JJR


Photo Credit: Archdiocese of Manila Office for Persons with Disabilities Ministries

We haven’t found pics from exactly the same vantage points, but these might help:

World Youth Day 1995 Pics:

The pics in this link, and this quote: “and boy the crowd was really huge! the last time i saw Rizal Oark this crowded was during the 1995 World Youth Day in Manila. every square inch of the park is full of people, some even brought tents! Data from the Park admin showed that almost 500,000 Filipinos gathered at the park to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas day of 2010 and about half a million was there as well in welcoming 2011.

Another eyewitness account.
and other sources:
Thousands of Filipinos Rally Against Birth Control
Philippine Catholics Protest Family Planning Bill

Another vid:

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One comment on “Did They Say 40,000???
  1. […] the mainstream media grossly reduced their estimates of the people who joined the Prayer Rally. They stick to the 40,000 count and continues to stick with that estimate as of […]

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