Sex Education: A Waste of Public Funds

For the year 2011, the national government allotted 207 Billion as budget of the Department of Education (DepEd). It is a 19% increase from DepEd’s budget in 2010. DepEd is having a hard time to do its mandate with the budget that it currently has. The budget was raised for this year, but the fact remains that this budget is still not adequate.

The fact that DepEd doesn’t have budget makes me wonder where the government will get the budget to fund the mandatory sex education required by the RH Bill (HB 4244).

Funding the mandatory sex education by using the current budget of DepEd will make the students’ education suffer. Instead of buying more books for important subjects like math and science, DepEd’s budget is diverted to purchasing sex education manuals, which have questionable contents. We all know that our public schools badly needs money to build more rooms, buy more books, train teachers, and electrify schools in the remote parts of the country. Mandatory sex education programs will just worsen these inadequacies because it will steal budget from the important needs of public schools.

Aside from the lack of funds, our public schools are also suffering because of inadequate time allotted for each subjects. Public schools in Metro Manila have three shifts just to accommodate the large number of students in those schools. Sex education subjects will eat up the time allotted for Math, Science, History and other subjects. Public school will suffer because they will not learn the fundamental concepts of those subjects. The result is less quality of education in public schools.

The previous posts on this site tackled the inappropriateness of sex education manuals that may be used by DepED if the RH Bill becomes a law. Sex education program will not truly educate our youth and will just worsen the quality of education by robbing funds and time allotted for important things.

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One comment on “Sex Education: A Waste of Public Funds
  1. motherof3 says:

    i am not a religious person…my perspective on RH bill is not on the basis of my moral or spiritual conscience but i am against it for a reason that the RH bill creates another pot of money for corrupt government officials to dig their hands into. there are many ways to take on the issue of population control like giving incentives like tax incentives (sample lang po) but with the glaring corruption that has put our country in the 2nd (or 3rd correct me if i am wrong) most corrupt country in Southeast Asia, adding another bill and budgeting a big sum of money to a problem that is innate to filipino moral values is like fixing something that does not need to be fixed at the moment. The problem of population becomes an issue due to lack of jobs, lack of food and lack of shelter. But if the country has institutionalized good governance, these 3 problems can be solved faster than population control.

    Let the money be used to fight corruption first and let our government prove that they can be trusted with another pot of money…then put the RH bill on the table!

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