Why We Say No to the RH Bill – from the Medical Viewpoint

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2 comments on “Why We Say No to the RH Bill – from the Medical Viewpoint
  1. Don Rafael says:

    I almost changed my mind but you didn’t establish that contraceptive pills begins work after the sperm and egg cells have united. I do believe that the egg cell and the millions of sperm cells before unity aren’t babies yet. It was a long presentation but was frustrated that there was no evidence presented that the pills works after conception. I still think pills prevent the unity of the sperm and the egg, thus not considered abortion. Care to provide more information on this? At what point from sexual intercourse to sperm/egg unity exactly do the pills begin work?

  2. Truthsayer says:

    Thanks for your question.

    Here’s information from a pro-choice site on how pills work.


    One of the mechanisms of action of contraceptive pills is preventing a fertilized egg from implanting.

    Hope this helps. Also, here’s a post that goes further into explaining things.


    If you need more help than that, please comment again and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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