Comprehensive Sex Education, Part II

Part 1 is here.


Those sentences came from Igor Mocorro, an RN and “the founder of Youth AIDS Filipinas Alliance, Inc., or YAFA, a youth-led organization of young Filipinos working for HIV & AIDS and adolescent RH in the Philippines, composed of positive and non-positive young Filipinos working together to end stigma and discrimination towards young people, particularly young people living with HIV, young MSM and other key-affected youth groups.”

The full text of this portion of his speech, delivered at the International AIDS Conference in July 2010 in Vienna, Austria:

Create a world where young people are defined by what they can imagine not by what they lack. Create a world where health resources are available to everyone. We aim for a world where access to comprehensive sexuality education is present; where health services are always available and affordable; where all young people have access to condoms and lubrications and testing and treatment for HIV and sexually transmitted infections; where confidentiality is respected; and where young people are celebrated for who they are.

You can find the speech in the appendix of their internal report, Google cached here.

Here’s Youth AIDS Filipinas Alliance’s I Am Positive Campaign Page. Link to their Facebook page.

Igor’s views on HIV:

Every Filipino must understand that HIV is not contagious. There are a lot of misconceptions about this disease and we need to eliminate that. I have high hopes for the youth that someday a person with HIV can live his or her life or walk on the streets even if the whole world knows his or her HIV status without having the fear of being stigmatized or discriminated.”.

This begs the question: in his nursing education, did Igor Mocorro fail to learn how HIV works? Of course HIV is contagious, IF AN INDIVIDUAL CHOOSES TO EXPOSE HIMSELF/HERSELF TO IT THROUGH RISKY BEHAVIOR.

But nowhere does he choose to proclaim this truth, even though this is the truth that will help HIV-positive people to stop risking infecting others, and HIV-negative people to stop putting their lives at risk. It is people like Igor who seek to influence the international organizations that are behind these curriculum changes. And the international organizations that stand to make the most money from people’s confusion will do everything in their power to encourage this kind of misguided advocacy. Yes, people living with HIV need our support. They don’t need more lies; they need the truth. And they don’t need to be “empowered” in their insistence to continue to engage in risky behavior. These people need love and compassion, yes, but what they need is tough love, the kind of love that will keep them alive longer.


The people responsible for this want all bases covered and are leaving nothing to chance. Hence you will find sex education peppered across the board, spanning all subjects of a classroom curriculum.



Ignoring the real needs of a child, and a deliberate attempt to discredit children’s primary caregivers:


This, from a high school course in Technology and Livelihood Education:


The ultra feminist mentality very much in evidence:



A group “game” that invites students to explore their bodies, and essentially, masturbate:


Again, the push for early sexualization:


Misleading and incomplete information which may very well contribute to risky behavior:


Tomorrow, Part III.

Credits: Images from Anna C, taken at seminar given by Dr. Ligaya Acosta.

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4 comments on “Comprehensive Sex Education, Part II
  1. Are these pictures actual shots of the sex education manuals?

    • Haggai De Cena says:

      Hello Nanay Para sa Buhay,

      The pictures are not the actual shots of education manuals, These are photos of the slides of the presentation regarding the sex education

    • Haggai De Cena says:

      Nany Para sa Buhay,

      These are not the actual sex education manuals but these are the slides during the presentation about the sex education.

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