Philippine Media Betrayed the Spirit of EDSA

“Buhayin ang diwa ng EDSA” – this is the recurring theme for the celebration of the 25th year of first EDSA People Power Revolution. This theme is being echoed by the Philippine mainstream media, specifically by the big TV networks. Televiewers are bombarded by videos, commentaries, testimonials and sound bites that exhort the people to re-live the EDSA Spirit. GMA 7, ABS-CBN and TV 5 have their own gimmicks so as to make the people remember the importance of the first People Power.

How patriotic of them! GMA 7, ABS-CBN and TV 5 really want the Filipino people forward by exhorting them to regain the Spirit of unity and truth that manifested itself 25 years ago. These giant TV networks are almost believable in desire to relive the Spirit of EDSA if not for the fact that these TV network are the same entities that tramples on that Spirit by silencing the truth.

The Philippine media is not a truthful institution that it projects itself to be. Sensationalism and vested interests are inherent part of media establishments. The owners of local TV networks, radio stations and newspapers have other businesses that they protect. These media moguls have political connections that they also take care of.

The sensationalized media had been lying to us by their biases and unfair angling of “news items.” The current issue about the RH Bill is the litmus test for the Philippine media, but the sad thing is that they failed this test. It is clear that media establishments already sold themselves to the pro-RH propaganda instead of being fair to both the pro-RH and the anti-RH side.

Philippine media establishments may make us want to believe that they want to relive the Spirit of EDSA but as long as they keep on being biased against the truth, then their sincerity is in question.

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