Philippines’ “RH Bill”: A Shape of Things to Come? A Legal Analysis

A Legal Analysis of the RH Bill

Some important highlights to consider:

It will be seen that passage of the bills in their present forms would likely cause significant problems for Catholic health care facilities and an undetermined number of Catholic health care workers. Other religious believers and facilities would be affected to the extent that they share the outlook of the Catholic Church on the ethics of reproductive health care.

The bills now before the 15th Congress include some provisions that are not specific to health care workers and institutions. However, they affect fundamental freedoms of all citizens, and they are indicative of the broader social, legal and political environment within which the law will operate if either bill passes.

The law will establish “reproductive health” as “a universal basic human right,” though such a right is not recognized elsewhere

From an early age, all children will be made to undergo mandatory instruction to inculcate sexual attitudes and habits that comply with government policy, even against the consent of their parents. No exceptions for private or denominational schools or home-school children.

Under HB96, a “certificate of compliance” issued by the local Family Planning Office will be required to obtain a marriage licence.

If HB96 is enacted, couples will be “encouraged” to have only two children.

If HB96 is enacted, critics of the law will face prosecution if they “engage in disinformation” about its intent or provisions.

This bill is unprecedented in scope and magnitude, and if enacted will have disastrous effects on individuals, married couples and the family. It should not be allowed to pass.

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One comment on “Philippines’ “RH Bill”: A Shape of Things to Come? A Legal Analysis
  1. resty o. says:

    i think this is a nice teaser already.

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