Beautiful Seed

Even the tiniest seed has limitless potential. Every life is a gift!!

h/t Lissa P.

Beautiful Seed

I can fill the darkness with just one flash of light
Break the the silence with just one word
Warm the fire-started revolution
One that can save the world

On the steps of Washington sprinkled like confetti
Thousands of people sing “We shall overcome”
The preacher shouts: “Let freedom ring”
He gave his life for what he believed

You can be a witness
You can be a prophet
You can make the whole world believe
Break the strongest fortress
Change the way the world thinks
You can build a bridge where foes can meet
Hope for the future
Shout it, don’t whisper dreams are what make them to be
There is hope in every heartbeat
Tiny as it seems
You’re a beautiful seed

She’s a pastor’s daughter
She’s only 16
But her heart and her belly are breaking at the seams
Her boyfriend blames her
He want to pay for the doctor to wash it away

As she lays in the hospital
A Christmas choir is singing
About a Child in a manger fragile and small “Unto us is born a Savior”
She looks at her baby and cries as she sings him a lullaby

Every hope, every power lies in the heart of a seed that flowers
Intertwined all across the land
We’re all seeds in the Maker’s Hand

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