3 Billion PHP for Reproductive Health Bill

That’s how much it’s going to cost you and me, the taxpayers. You would think that this staggering number — THREE WHOPPING BILLION PESOS — would be enough to give supporters of the RH Bill pause, but no. They shrug their shoulders and move on.

Let’s consider this for a few moments: What could be done with PHP 3 B?

MEDICAL HELP — Hospitals and other medical facilities could be built, mobile clinics could be funded, certainly more medicine for the poor. Hey, how about putting this money towards a cure for dengue, or malaria? How about we cure the sick instead of plying them with contraceptives?

EDUCATION — How about a basic education for children (not talking about sex education here)? Let’s build classrooms, schools. Let’s increase the salary of public school teachers. Let’s hire more teachers.

FOOD — the most basic of needs. Let’s fix the agricultural sector and help our farmers. Let’s grow rice, invest in better varietals, purchase fertilizers and help spread the use of sustainable agriculture.

SHELTER — Houses for the homeless. Rural areas need to be developed. The poor need to learn skills so they can work. They need jobs, so they can support themselves — THAT’S the way to alleviate poverty.

Three billion pesos is A LOT OF MONEY for condoms and pills. Predictably, a goodly portion of that will find its way into those that help further the IPPF’s agenda. Our taxes will go to rich, multinational pharmaceutical companies, instead of to the poor. GREED once again takes precedence, and once again, it will be done under the guise of “helping the poor”.

Let’s look at this a little closer. From a donor’s perspective, a child can be sponsored for as little as $25 to $30 a month. That’s $300-360 a year. You could potentially keep close to 200,000 children alive on that kind of money each year.

How do we trust a government that doesn’t think twice about digging into our pockets while lining theirs? All of our corruption issues have been from government projects and programs, the ZTE scandal, for instance; the the fertilizer scam, and most recently corruption in the AFP. And we’re supposed to trust them to properly handle P3B? You have got to be kidding. We need this Reproductive Health Bill like we need a hole in the head.

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4 comments on “3 Billion PHP for Reproductive Health Bill
  1. […] RH bill will use THREE BILLION PESOS to purchase cancer-causing birth control pills, IUDs, condoms, etc.; to poison your […]

  2. Marky Cielo (FTW) says:

    Sure. Let’s not use that 3 billion pesos, let’s just overpopulate the nation.

    Btw, all those you’ve mentioned, medical health, food, shelter… you’ll be needing more of them if the population booms, since you don’t want to support a bill which is aimed in giving a solution to watch your church couldn’t – over population.

    yes, babe… you can keep close to 200,000 kids alive for a year with that money… but for how long? and will there be JUST 200,000 kids if you don’t pass the bill? i reckon, the exponential trend would still follow.

    The argument on corruption is naive and just plain stupid. If that is the case, then we ought to vote better. Shutting the RH bill down, won’t solve the problem you idiot. Your argument thusly goes against every government institution not just the RH bill.

    And oh yeah… you’ve had centuries to prove that your church could actually still stand as a bastion of morality… you’ve had centuries to prove to the society that you can keep your congregation from having premarital sex, from getting pregnant not in the right times, from getting AIDS, from just abstaining till the wedding bells ring… but for centuries you’ve failed.

    Your church is acting like a spoiled little brat that doesn’t want to let go of his little toy(the philippine society). And now your church is throwing a tantrum.

    Why does my bestfriend have two kids at the age of 18? Why does my friend in Cebu have aids?

    Goodluck… as for me and the rest of the educated Christians of this society… we are for the RH bill.

    • Haggai De Cena says:

      I don’t know if you are truly worried about the so-called “population explosion” in the Philippines or you are just using it to rant and express your hatred against the Church.

      If you really want to know more about the so-called “population explosion” then I suggest that you read this first: https://filipinosforlife.com/2011/05/13/philippine-total-fertility-and-poverty-of-individuals/

      The country’s Total Fertility Rate is on a decline. “Population explosion” is just a fairy-tale made by those who are pushing for this RH Bill so that they can justify the need for this bill.

      And dude, RESPONSIBILITY is in YOUR HANDS. Not in the hands of the Church. Not in the hands of the GOVERNMENT. Why you keep on blaming the Church for such things? Haven’t the Church reminded the people to be loyal to their spouse? Haven’t the Church reminded the people that pre-marital and extra-marital affairs are never OK?

      If you go out and have sex with many people, then it is your fault if you contracted AIDS or STDs. People like you want to place your hands off responsibility by blaming the Church or even the government or other people.

      And for that 3 Billion Pesos, we are saying here that there are more important things where that large amount of money can be spent rather than make pharmaceutical companies richer.

  3. RH Bill????

    ‎3B PHP/year for RH Bill? Birth Control for Populaltion Control?
    Contraceptives (Money,Money),Helping the irresponsible parents? OMG!

    Just a thought,

    How about preventing to have Irresponsible Filipino Parents?

    1. Man can only be allowed to marry if he has enough resources to raise a family. (muslim style) (Automatically, less men will marry earlier and will work harder)

    2. Woman should not make sex for pleasure or trade but for raising a family as their main reason.

    3. Education for Responsible Filipinos to raise a happy family with basic needs like food,shelter,clothing and education for their future children.

    4. Government and Churches should agree on THE RIGHT FILIPINO VALUES ON RESPONSIBLE PARENTHOOD and implement the Law & Order.

    Conservative countries are implementing these (Muslim countries) . Original Filipino culture have done it in the past.

    Our present civilization and some of our narrow minded politicians are destroying the original conservative Filipino Culture

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