And the Women Speak….

Who does Risa Hontiveros think she was speaking for when she wrote this letter to the Bishops? Certainly not us.

One of the reasons why I OPPOSE THE RH BILL: Not all women have right and formed consciences. The proponents of the RH Bill claim that such bill empowers women without dictate of any religion, BUT with dictate of the government, it’s okay? Are they saying it’s better to follow human law than divine law? Seriously, what does the Philippine government know about morality? Poor women of the Philippines trying to be like the so-called liberated women of the West who had been used by men, whose dignity had been trampled upon, and they still think that’s empowerment I have seen the RH Bill and I’ve read almost the entire thing to avoid biases. Yea, there are good programs, but I think those programs for health can be handled by the Department of Health. Those programs, like care of the pregnant mother and the newborn, education on family planning, and the like are already existent. They only have to be reinforced. Might I just suggest improving the sterile practices in lying-in clinics? They’ve been breaking the principles of ascepsis there (based on what I’ve seen in my duties). Instead of buying contraceptives, they could buy autoclaves instead. – Anna C.

How do you reason with her fans who want the rh bill to be passed because 1) maternal deaths caused by pregnancy will decrease – in other words, no pregnancy, no maternal deaths? 2) they see pregnancy as women being used as incubators for unborn non-humans? 3) a law is needed for breastfeeding to be encouraged? 4) they don’t believe oral contraceptives cause cancer even when stated in the o.c.’s pamphlets? 5) they believe that contraception will prevent std’s even when faced with undeniable proof that countries with contraception have higher cases of hiv and unwanted pregnancies and abortions? 6) think it’s okay that children as young as 10 are taught sex education by teachers instead of their parents, even if teachers are already struggling with teaching the basics? 7) they want taxpayer funds to be used to pay for contraception when there isn’t even enough money to provide decent public toilets? 8) food and housing are not as important as contraception 9)they think that a woman’s self-worth is protected by having protected sex with as many men as they want? 10) bishops are men who do not respect women’s rights to have protected sex with as many men as they want so they should stand aside and forget their duty to save souls? And on and on and on. How do I enumerate thy errors to thee? Let me count the ways. – Mia R.

shouldn’t media personalities be devoid of political affiliation? i don’t know… is she still active in the media? i’ve turned off the news lately. can’t help but notice that her tone is very dismissive, like she possesses the sole truth “these arguments have been debunked before.” as a woman, I’ve always found contraceptives to deprive your real choice. we are in control of our bodies and as such, have the natural means to control our urges and our choices. to say that you need a pill to stop what your mind cannot stop is just saying that you don’t have possession of your mental faculties. that to me is not female empowerment. feminism is a stillborn dogma – WJM

They better not claim that they are Catholics because their behavior and beliefs are contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church! – AKG

I don’t know why the state has to give me the right of protecting myself via contraceptives when I can do it myself. Why would I need a bill to do this for me? I can decide what I want to do with my body even without the bill so I really don’t see the need for this RH bill. Why are we spending to give a right that we already have? Why don’t they just spend on making our hospitals better and making them capable of giving better service? And spend that money towards giving higher salaries to our excellent public servants so that they don’t 1) Leave the country in search for ‘better’ employment or 2) Corrupt our country for more money. – Haeja F.

Ms. Hontiveros, please don’t presume that you speak for all Filipinas, and esp. not all women. Your conscience is ill-formed and ill-informed, to say the least. You speak of God but it’s obvious you have not bothered to find out what He says in Scripture. You express disdain for the tenets of the faith you supposedly profess. You display no real understanding of what women in a poor society need. If you don’t believe that the RH bill supports abortion or promotes promiscuity then you are sadly misinformed and out of the loop; you need a refresher course in history and geography and you need to keep abreast of current events. Around the world people are waking up to the nightmare brought about by the abortion/contraception/free sex trifecta of lies, and yet you continue to ignore the facts and statistics right in front of you, seeking instead the popularity that comes from speaking the words people WANT to hear instead of what they NEED to hear. You and your supporters bring only one phrase to mind: “the blind leading the blind.” – Stef O.

The pastoral letter misrepresents the RH bill daw because of the assertion that the bill is promotive of abortion. Does Ms. Hontiveros fail to understand how abortifacients work till now after all the clarifications and explanations? And what “values formation character” of the bill is she talking about??
Ms. Hontiveros, do not assume that you speak for all women. In fact, all women (all people in general) who understand reproductive health, who understand the bill, and who have well-formed consciences know that pursuing such a piece of legislation DOES NOT promote good health, DISCRIMINATES against the poor, DOES NOT uphold freedom of choice for parents, families, employers and medical and health practitioners, and DOES NOT INSPIRE FAITH IN THE FILIPINO YOUTH for being capable of practising self-mastery and upright decision-making. – Diana U.

Abortion can NEVER be separated from RH Bill. Hindi bobo ang mga Kristiyano. Nanggaling na mismo sa bibig ni Hilary Clinton na kasama sa RH ang access to abortion. Saan ba nag-ugat ang RH na ito, sa US! At sila rin ang nasa likod ng pagpupumilit na maipasa ang batas na ito kaya malakas din ang loob ng mga kating-kati na maisabatas ito. Supilin ang korupsyon, hindi ang populasyon!!! – Lea D.

our bodies are temple of the Holy Spirit so why blemish it or tarnish it you have to keep it clean always to deserve heaven. Ms. hontiveros thinks that she is speaking for the whole of the Filipinas.. i am can’t speak for me… – Helen A.

Ms. Hontiveros you don’t have the right to speak for me as a woman. Magjoin ka na lang sa kampanya ng gobernor against graft & corruption mas kahanga hanga pa yon kay sa ginawa mo ngayon….. May the Holy Spirit enlighten you. – Vine C

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2 comments on “And the Women Speak….
  1. gch says:

    In the forum on RH in Ateneo School of Public Health, Risa Hontiveros said that when her husband was alive, they chose to follow natural family planning and not artificial means. I noticed that it is easy for many people to recommend contraceptives like IUDs, condoms etc. to others but will not use it themselves. It is always for the poor woman who RH proponents always picture as a victim of a drunken husband and has a dozen kids running around naked and hungry. Why the double standard? Its like saying, population should be controlled but only if it is the other woman’s children you will target, not mine.

  2. Truthsayer says:

    Yes, I saw that too. I have been wondering why, if NFP was good enough for her and her husband, it wouldn’t be good for others as well?

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