Priority or Not, We will Never Let Our Guard Down

As a 20+ years of being a citizen of the Philippines, I already developed deep cynicism with our politicians. I already accepted the fact that most of them says one thing and do the opposite. That’s why I don’t feel overjoyed with the news that President Noynoy Aquino did not include the Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill) in the list of priority bills.

Not including the RH Bill to the list of priority bills does not mean that Edcel Lagman will stop pushing for this bill. Also, the fact that Speaker Sonny Belmonte is not throwing away his vow to pass the RH Bill by March makes me wonder about the truthfulness Noynoy’s announcement.

Also, deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte confirmed that Noynoy Aquino still support the RH Bill. This means that officially the RH Bill is not prioritized by the Aquino Administration but behind-the-scenes, The Aquino Administration and allies are working to railroad the RH Bill.

Not including the RH Bill in the list of priority bills is just an empty gesture. The mere fact that Noynoy still supports it and Belmonte wishes to railroad it are enough reasons for me to continue being vigilant. The fight is still on!

Let us not be fooled by the pro-RH politicians. Let us continue our fight against the devisive Reproductive Health Bill. Let us educate our family, friends and neieghbors against this evil bill.

Let us stand up and fight and join the “Filipinos, Unite for Life” rally tomorrow, February 13.

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