Ano ang RH Bill?

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19 comments on “Ano ang RH Bill?
  1. Abraham V. Llera says:

    As shepherds of the flock, our bishops have the duty to tell the people the truth about the RH bill. Coming up with a pastoral letter is good, but I’m afraid our bishops should NOT stop there. They should put teeth to the pastoral letter.

    One concrete way to go about this might be to tell everyone attending Holy Mass in every church throughout the Philippines for one year how contraception is an intrinsic evil, and how using it might affect their eternal salvation, AND NOT TO MINCE WORDS when telling the faithful this.

    • Tinting Sornito says:

      What concerns me is that many Anti-Rh Bill, Catholics, including me, or non-Catholics, are not so well informed of the “core of the matter”. that is the main reason why most of the Pro-Rh Bill tend to redicule us because we can only defend our stand on a peripheral level. I agree with you sir that the bishops should put not just teeth but fangs to the pastoral letter they are issuing to the faithful. We need to fight them in a more technical and intellectual level but of course without compromising the TRUTH.

  2. CORS says:

    TAMA YUN KASI LAHAT NG TAO AY May karapatang mabuhay sa mundo at ang mnga bata ay bigay sa

  3. Larry Anderson says:

    This is nothing more then conspiracy on the parts of UN, and extreme liberals from around the world, inlcuding the US, it has been the policy of Obama and Hillary Clinton to cause disruption, arguments and destruction of all faith, especially Catholic in the Philippines because those principles, morals are completly against their own. It was Hillary’s purpose when she visited there over a year ago now, to sew such seeds, to wiley convince thru soft words, and wicked reasoning, to introduce divorce, family planning which is the first step to abortions, etc. and force it upon the Philippines using cunning words for innocent and the ignrance and misplaced trust of the Filipino people.
    In Europe and America, there are millions of abortions yearly, over 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, families broken, children’s families, youth, hope, example and faith destroyed. It is far worse though since the raw statistics do not show those living together not married, then the movement next to full partnership and recognition of equal meaning and status of illicit marriages, of gay and lesbian marriages, of adoptions for those couples, etc. This ruse has been creaking, now thundering upon America and the rest of the world. It is a very steep, fast sloop that you enter once you even begin this step. IT all sounds good on the top, reasonable but there is no bottom, no end, only the beginning of the end of the Philippine faith, culture, family and souls for all generations to come.

  4. Tony Tatom says:

    The RH bill in the US thats covers safe abortion as per Hillary Clinton, does not mean the same RH bill that is being debated here in the Philippines. I think, some are on the belief that this bill will be used as the stepping stone to legalize abortion. Abortion and prevention are lightyears apart in meaning and will never see each other in anybodys lifetime. As a Christian country, abortion can never be accepted to any God fearing Christian unless it is the only way to save the mothers life. Is it the right choice? If I am right, in the early ’90s our population then was 65M, and today its 92M and still going. Is there a way to slow it down?

    • Truthsayer says:

      Assuming that legalizing and mandating contraception will never lead to abortion is a grave mistake. EVERY country (save a handful) that has done this has taken the inevitable next step to legalized abortion. And don’t forget that some of the most vocal supporters of the RH Bill are/have been the most vocal supporters of legal abortion as well. What, have they changed their minds?

      • StephLTan says:

        Actually, I am PRO-RH Bill and AGAINST abortion. The RH Bill, when passed, will help curb down the already-occurring reality of illegal abortions in the country in the long-run. This is because even before any form of abortion can take place, women (and men) have the opportunity to choose the number of children they will have. Mothers are given other options in their desire to have a small(er) family (quality of life vs quantity of children). In fact, contraceptive methods (ie. condoms, pills) will not lead to any form of conception (hence the word “contraception” to be against-conception). The RH Bill does not force parents to have less children; it simply provides them options if they indeed choose to do so. There is a large gap between actual fertility rate versus desired fertility rate. In addition, post-abortion care does not support abortion just like how drug rehabilitation centers do not support the use of drugs; in reality, these post-care facilities inform those who have already “committed the mistakes” (most of whom were unaware or uneducated about what they were doing) so that they will no longer make the same mistake in the future.

  5. Larry Anderson says:

    If the people of the Philippines are so naive as to believe that there is not a current of evil aimed at them they are very sadly mistaken. Years ago when there were innocent programs presented in such a way to convince acceptance of simple measures for birth control it was as naive then not to realize ther larger direction ahead, once started, that stone will not stop until it over runs all you have ever believed or stood for. Open the door and all evil will pour through, just look at the histories of all of Europe and America to see where it leads. Don’t be fooled by ignorance, this bill does introduce the insideous slide into abortion, you already are prepared to now accept divorce and birth control in some measures, how long before it is pushed further and further. Don’t let it get started or it never ends. God be with you there in the Philippines.

  6. Larry Anderson says:

    Hillary Clinton, as her husband, are liars and discusting traitors who prey upon ignorance and power, deceit and ignorance in order to rule and increase their status and power. Do a little research, on their anti American activities, anti war and liberal stands during the Vietnam era, etc. dradft dodging husband and her defense and acceptance of his infidelities only because it solidifies her present desires for power. Her entire life reflects her discust for those of “lesser” class and status then herself, says what she knows people wants to hear with no intention of being honest, just study anything of her, if hope, future and God means anything for your families and posterity better closer her and her collegues down now. There are many even in the Philippines who are fooled by her and her friends, please invest in your own lives and future generations by knowing who you endorse and their purposes to decieve you.

    • Jo Ann says:

      Calling someone a traitor is a serious charge. Hillary Clinton stood by her husband because she believes in the sanctity of marriage. Isn’t that what you people preach?

      • Larry Anderson says:

        I will reply to this gladly, Hillary stood by Bill because of politics, it is no secret that their marriage is a sham. He has playmates and is quite the playboy. Hillary went to the Philippines, not because she cares for Filipinos but because this administration, including Obama, Hillary, hate religions, especially Catholic who stand in their way. If you wish to destroy your families, morals, future, God and all decency as the US has done, just go ahead and believe them and do as they say. The program of family planning has no limits, no end and has the ulitmate plan to corrupt and destroy, wish to see the results, look at much of Europe, look at America, with millions of murdered babies every year and lessoning for respect of all life.

      • Larry Anderson says:

        May I respond further to why I said Bill Clinton is a traitor! He gave top miliatry secrets to China, sold top secret military designs, equipment, blue prints, computer, etc. for complete construction of F15/16 selling the company out of Ohio complete for $50 million, not even the cost of the wind tunnel which was included. Now China threatens war with the Philippines, manufactures attack jets against the Philippines, and plan to destroy you completely just as they have done elsewhere. Clinton enabled, encouaged, gave missle technology, gave them all the secrets of our navy for moving ships around the world as currents, temperature changes, currents, caves, etc. that allow use of their military to threaten and attack, take over people and nations. He withdrew all US interests out of Panama, the most vital water way in this hemisphere so that China now has taken it over with our Army, Airforce and Naval bases even though China has already delcared war is imminent between them and the US and other countries. Etc. it is not idle that I call him a traitor.

  7. RH Bill is like the Pandora’s Box. It will open all kinds of evils not only in health but morally, spiritually, emotionally and in the countries people.

  8. kailangan nating isipin ang kinabukasan ng mga bata think it hard alam natin kung ano ang dapat

  9. katherine says:

    tamang tama talaga.

  10. hunkie says:

    tama…. isipin talaga natin ang kiinabukasan ng mga kabataan.. huwag na tayong mag bulag bulagan pa…

  11. freddie verdeflor says:

    tama na ipatupad dahil sa kahirapan

  12. tama dahil ang kabataan ang pag asa ng bayan kaya wag kitilin ang nga buhay na darat ngayon ay ganar na na bata
    icrn nyo kc ung karapatan ng mga bata

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