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If you’re a faithful Catholic, and especially if you’re of voting age, this is the site to visit: Catholic Vote Philippinesa. Also this: Catholic Vote Philippines on Facebook. Educate yourself on the issues that are most important to faithful Catholics like you. If you’re confused about the issues, ask questions. Get involved. But now is not the time to fall silent and let things happen around you. Start here: How Our Congressmen and Senators Voted for the RH Bill.


A Christmas Pro-Life Message from Filipinos for Life

A repost from CBCP For Life.

MANILA, Dec. 3, 2012—The Christmas spirit found its way into efforts being undertaken by a group of life advocates in persuading pro-RH solons to re-think their position.

Poised at the main lobby of the House of Representatives were members of Filipinos for Life (F4L) who handed Christmas greeting cards to legislators and other public figures known for their support of the reproductive health (RH) bill.

“I’m giving out Christmas cards to the solons which we think will show how voting for the RH bill violates the spirit of Christmas,” said Mike Mapa, F4L chairman.

“Christmas is the most pro-life season and it celebrates how the ‘yes to life’ of one young woman, a poor woman, a yes to life that signified total faith in God – despite uncertainties – allowed the plan of God for man’s salvation to come to fruition,” he explained.

The greeting card pointed out the Blessed Mother’s youth at the time of the incarnation, St. Joseph’s humble means as a carpenter, and the baby Jesus’ birth into poverty, and asked the question, “RH po ba ang kailangan namin?”

F4L has been actively spreading the pro-life message on social media, releasing several statements at the height of Senate debates on the population control measure, debunking inaccurate claims of RH bill sponsors regarding the so-called “11 maternal deaths daily” and exposing outdated data being used by RH supporters to justify the “need” for the birth control measure. (CBCP for Life)


Letter to Melinda Gates from Africa

Could have been written by a Filipina who understands what’s at stake here.

The moment these huge amounts of contraceptive drugs and devices are injected into the roots of our society, they will undoubtedly start to erode and poison the moral sexual ethics that have been woven into our societal DNA by our faith, not unlike the erosion that befell the Western world after the 1930 Lambeth conference! In one fell swoop and one “clean” slice, the faithful could be severed from their professed faith.

Both the frontline healthcare worker dispensing Melinda’s legacy gift and the women fettered and shackled by this gift, would be separated from their religious beliefs. They would be put in a precarious position to defy their faith – all for “safe sex.”

Even at a glance, anyone could see that the unlimited and easy availability of contraceptives in Africa would surely increase infidelity and sexual promiscuity as sex is presented by this multi-billion dollar project as a casual pleasure sport that can indeed come with no strings – or babies – attached. Think of the exponential spread of HIV and other STDs as men and women with abundant access to contraceptives take up multiple, concurrent sex partners.

And of course there are bound to be inconsistencies and failures in the use of these drugs and devices, so health complications could result; one of which is unintended abortion. Add also other health risks such as cancer, blood clots, etc. Where Europe and America have their well-oiled health care system, a woman in Africa with a contraception-induced blood clot does not have access to 911 or an ambulance or a paramedic. No, she dies.

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Contraception and Infallible Teaching

Before a few Catholic priests or lay people can object that this pronouncement of the popes is not infallible because it was not made ex cathedra, let me remind them of the teachings of the Second Vatican Council (the 50th anniversary of whose opening we celebrated last Oct. 11). As any one can read in the document “Dogmatic Constitution on the Church” (Lumen Gentium) promulgated on Nov. 21, 1964, “Bishops who teach in communion with the Roman Pontiff, are to be revered by all as witnesses of divine and Catholic truth; the faithful for their part, are obliged to submit to their bishops’ decision, made in the name of Christ, in matters of faith and morals, and to adhere to it with a ready and respectful allegiance of mind. This loyal submission of the will and intellect must be given, in a special way, to the authentic teaching authority of the Roman Pontiff, even when he does not speak ex cathedra (emphasis provided) in such wise, indeed, that his supreme teaching authority be acknowledged with respect, and sincere assent be given to decisions made by him, conformably with his manifest mind and intention, which is made known principally either by the character of the documents in question, or by the frequency with which a certain doctrine is proposed, or by the manner in which the doctrine is formulated (Lumen Gentium, 25).”

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By Bernardo M. Villegas