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Fr. Cancino, HIV and Broken Families

In this opinion piece in the Inquirer, Rina Jimenez-David attacks Fr. Dan Vicente Cancino for saying something that many of us know, even if we don’t want to acknowledge it: there is a correlation between HIV and broken families. Why

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Marriage and Marriage Nullities: Philosophical Foundations and Pastoral Concerns

MARRIAGE AND MARRIAGE NULLITIES: PHILOSOPHICAL FOUNDATIONS & PASTORAL CONCERNS by Fr. Jaime B. Achacoso, J.C.D Marriage is a Natural Institution In the past two decades, there have been repeated attempts to pass a divorce law in the Philippines, defeated repeatedly

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Waging War

From guest poet John Juat: WAGING WAR (a poem inspired by SAFE) by: John B. Juat prepare yourselves, soldiers, the enemy is near put on your armor, your shield, and your gear march toward the front line, there is nothing

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Why Divorce Does Not Make Sense

Why has divorce received special mention recently? It’s nothing new. Liberals are constantly testing the waters, like what they did when the RH bill was still being pushed. And as we pro-lifers mentioned time and again, ad nauseam, the implementation

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The Divorce Propaganda Barrage

Documenting the media onslaught on divorce. More fun in the Philippines.  Anti-divorce solons to block measure; hit survey results ‘Clear majority’ of Filipinos favor legalizing divorce Divorce bill proponents acknowledge steep going Editorial: Considering Divorce Against divorce #WomensMonth2015 Against divorce

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Some Clarifications on Divorce, Declaration of Nullity, and Legal Separation

Pro-life friend Stef Patag published an article last night at Patheos on the divorce bill currently pending in Congress, with its corresponding concerns. Here, our Filipinos for Life legal representative Atty. Jan Lumanta takes portions of Stef’s post and clarifies

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